PHONE:        +91 – 2114 – 244240


ADDRESS: Post Nane, Taluka Maval
Via Kamshet, Pune District – 410405.

From Pune (approximate travel time – 1 hr)

Board the Local going towards Lonavala (every half hour).
Get down at Kanhe (2nd stop after Talegaon station)

From Mumbai (approximate travel time – 1st phase: 4 hrs, 2nd phase: 15 mins)
Board any train going towards Lonavala
Get down at Lonavala and catch the Lonavala Local going towards Pune, get down at Kanhe Station (2nd station from Lonavala)

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Yellow-crowned Woodpecker

Yellow-crowned Woodpecker

The Maratha Woodpecker or Maratha Turban (Now called as Yellow-crowned Woodpecker – Dendrocopos mahrattensis) is called so not just because it was first described from this region (part of current day South Maharashtra and Central India), but also probably because the red crown of the male resembles the red “turban” of the Maratha warriors.