PHONE:        +91 – 2114 – 244240


ADDRESS: Post Nane, Taluka Maval
Via Kamshet, Pune District – 410405.

From Pune (approximate travel time – 1 hr)

Board the Local going towards Lonavala (every half hour).
Get down at Kanhe (2nd stop after Talegaon station)

From Mumbai (approximate travel time – 1st phase: 4 hrs, 2nd phase: 15 mins)
Board any train going towards Lonavala
Get down at Lonavala and catch the Lonavala Local going towards Pune, get down at Kanhe Station (2nd station from Lonavala)

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No. Sire Dam Date of Birth Colour & Sex
1 Cougar Mountain Verbier 17/January/2021 Bay Filly
2 Kingda Ka Frosty 20/January/2021 Bay Filly
3 Cougar Mountain Solar Midnight 08/February/2021 Chestnut Filly
4 Kingda Ka Jubilant 08/March/2021 Bay Filly
5 Kingda Ka Al Khazneh 12/March/2021 Chestnut Filly
6 Cougar Mountain  Aquamarine 23/January/2021 Bay Colt
7 Cougar Mountain  Looming  27/January/2021 Bay Colt
8 Cougar Mountain  Renee 27/January/2021 Chestnut Colt
9 Cougar Mountain  Shalamanka 02/February/2021 Bay Colt
10 Cougar Mountain  La Femme Fleur 03/February/2021 Chestnut Colt
11 Cougar Mountain  Leptis Magna 10/February/2021 Bay Colt
12 Churchill Darinza 21/February/2021 Bay Colt
13 Cougar Mountain  Malawi 06/March/2021 Dark Bay Colt
14 Cougar Mountain  La Rondine 08/March/2021 Bay Colt
15 Cougar Mountain  Jacqueline 09/March/2021 Bay Colt
16 Cougar Mountain  Laserre 13/March/2021 Bay Colt
17 Cougar Mountain  Sugardrop 15/March/2021 Dark Bay Colt
18 Cougar Mountain  Oomph 21/March/2021 Dark Bay Colt
19 Cougar Mountain  Nicollini 01/April/2021 Bay Colt