PHONE:        +91 – 2114 – 244240


ADDRESS: Post Nane, Taluka Maval
Via Kamshet, Pune District – 410405.

From Pune (approximate travel time – 1 hr)

Board the Local going towards Lonavala (every half hour).
Get down at Kanhe (2nd stop after Talegaon station)

From Mumbai (approximate travel time – 1st phase: 4 hrs, 2nd phase: 15 mins)
Board any train going towards Lonavala
Get down at Lonavala and catch the Lonavala Local going towards Pune, get down at Kanhe Station (2nd station from Lonavala)

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Anosha is a passionate and driven person who currently is pursuing her Master’s degree in Environmental Health Sciences at Harvard University. Anosha has grown up on Nanoli Stud Farm and has always had a keen interest in horses. She has trained in England with Caron Roberts, who introduced her to Eventing and she participated in British Eventing competitions throughout her teen years. Recently, Anosha received mentorship from Showjumper, Maya Surana in Belgium and Johan Zagers for improving her Dressage. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, she is developing the first breeding plan for dressage horses in India and is zealous about promoting the sport throughout Asia. Anosha has started developing relationships with top breeders in the UK and Europe and is working together with international experts in the field to provide India with high quality dressage horses. She strongly feels that the utmost priority should be given to the horse’s wellbeing by providing all horses with an abundance of grazing time, veterinary care and prime nutrition. Anosha will manage the equestrian sports, breeding operations, competitions and events at Nanoli.
Anosha wants to empower India’s talented equestrians to achieve success with international standard horses bred at Nanoli.